About Us

「HIGH RIGHT」 Dedicate designed for Better Assembly Solutions

In view of the development and evolution of the market and the improvement of the quality of products by customers, 「HIGH RIGHT」 assists its global partners in the move towards Industry 4.0 by providing first-class reliability, and professional services.
With quality as the first orientation priority, we continue to research and develop user-friendly locking products, improve assembly efficiency, reduce error rates, and costs, and keep abreast of future trends to refine our research and development.


Our Services

Handheld (Portable) Locking-Tools

Within the torque range of 60kgf.cm, hand tools for assembly line factories have been developed in a series of practical usage, and functions such as counting, cycle warning, and data transmission are added to improve the specifications of handheld products.

Automatic locking equipment

Catering to the future trend, integrating Catering to the future trend, integrating handheld locking-tools into automated equipment and robotic arms, we are able to monitor the production situation of the assembly line from the central control, reduce customer labor costs and increase production capacity.

Customized special industry locking-tools

In confront to rapid changes in the global industry, we provide strong R&D capabilities to meet customers with special locking needs, achieve global distribution and diversification of products, improve customer product yields, and strengthen product stability.